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Infinities Gate – Chapter 2

2 They arrived on the Isle of Skye two days later they had to wait for the ferry to return they missed the launch by an hour. They got rooms for the night at a local inn and spent the day learning about the area of Scotland and its history while exploring the hills and… Continue reading Infinities Gate – Chapter 2

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The Guardians of Embrellon – XIX

After a week, they had thirty staffs, and now it was time to test them with the cadets. Jatar wanted the cadets to test it before he introduced it to the seasoned Guardians. His reasoning was if an unskilled cadet could use the staff, then a fully trained Guardian would be able to use it… Continue reading The Guardians of Embrellon – XIX

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The Guardians of Embrellon – XVII

Chrylos now began to seek the quiet place, and realized that when he was first learning how to communicate on the link as a cadet, Gryton had told him the same thing. Maybe, that was the secret, the process never changed, the people did. As a cadet, he had to learn how to calm his… Continue reading The Guardians of Embrellon – XVII

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Omniscient Narrative

Omniscient Narrative is the telling of a story in the third person where the narrator knows everything that's happening in the story, and writes from this perspective. It is my style of writing. For the stories I wrote which are action packed and requires the telling of the actions of the characters, it seems to… Continue reading Omniscient Narrative

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You Need Exposure for Sales

When it come down to it the bottom line is that you need exposure in a major way if you want to make constant sales from new followers and or users and or believers in your company, product or brand and you also want to keep the veterans around.  Whatever it is that you are… Continue reading You Need Exposure for Sales