Personal Testimonial of God’s Grace

John R Moore Author – Biography In July of 2011, John R Moore was walking down one of the streets in Visalia California, and when stepping down off the sidewalk and into the street to cross, his back seized up, he had herniated three disks. This caused him to be unable to work and with… Continue reading Personal Testimonial of God’s Grace


The Guardians of Embrellon – Finale

Chapter 13 Jatar watched the demonstration in reserved silence, then instead of calling for a volunteer, he took the staff himself, and formed the shield, and prepared to fire. He was by far the worst of all the Guardians at holding the shield and focusing the energy, something he didn’t spread abroad, if he could… Continue reading The Guardians of Embrellon – Finale

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Infinities Gate – Chapter 2

2 They arrived on the Isle of Skye two days later they had to wait for the ferry to return they missed the launch by an hour. They got rooms for the night at a local inn and spent the day learning about the area of Scotland and its history while exploring the hills and… Continue reading Infinities Gate – Chapter 2

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The Guardians of Embrellon – XXI

He learned that there had been times in the past that Skree had turned against their own, betrayed them to others, and those had died. It was rare, but it had happened and when a Skree was bound to a Brellon, it was harder for them because they would follow the Brellon even when they… Continue reading The Guardians of Embrellon – XXI


The Guardians of Embrellon – XX

They had been in the cave for six days, and Jazar told the men to get their gear together, they would leave tonight. The plan was to fly five hundred kilometers west, find a hiding place, then go south until they reached the tomb. All the men were a buzz. They knew the importance of… Continue reading The Guardians of Embrellon – XX