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Infinities Gate – III

3 Odin, the All-Father of the Norse Gods. Finding him was going to take time. He was known for going about in disguise, as an old man, or a wanderer. Why would he be forcing the time of Ragnarok? The world had long ago left the worship of Asgard and the Gods who resided there.… Continue reading Infinities Gate – III

best selling author, sci-fantasy

The Twins of Embrellon – IX

Chapter 9 Jason, Sharma, Shandarro, and Knala were travelling north, Jana had told him not to go to the Armory, but go straight to the Bonding Cave and use it as a base for him and Shandarro to work from. She also told him that they would be near to where Jamar was and if… Continue reading The Twins of Embrellon – IX

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Getting a thought into a storyline

When setting down to write your story, you should have an idea of where you want to go with it. Some stories, seem to write themselves, other stories takes planning, outlining, etc..., but all of them come from a thought. The thought doesn't usually take the form of a complete story, it begins as a… Continue reading Getting a thought into a storyline


My faith called into question.

I found out today that someone has called my faith into question. I am posting this in response to that belief. I found salvation at the age of 20 on April 1, 1984. I have live a repented life, I do write books that contain sorcery, magic, demons, wizards, angels, fallen angels, Nephilim, mythical creatures,… Continue reading My faith called into question.


You’ve done all your pre-release work, and now what?

Before your book hits the market, i.e. for sale, you need to set up all your marketing avenues, get reviews, have beta readers read your work, at least ten people.  Then while it's available for pre-order, get your reviews ready and post them to all your social media accounts and develop a following. If you… Continue reading You’ve done all your pre-release work, and now what?