Personal Testimonial of God’s Grace

John R Moore Author – Biography In July of 2011, John R Moore was walking down one of the streets in Visalia California, and when stepping down off the sidewalk and into the street to cross, his back seized up, he had herniated three disks. This caused him to be unable to work and with… Continue reading Personal Testimonial of God’s Grace

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Infinities Gate – Chapter 2

2 They arrived on the Isle of Skye two days later they had to wait for the ferry to return they missed the launch by an hour. They got rooms for the night at a local inn and spent the day learning about the area of Scotland and its history while exploring the hills and… Continue reading Infinities Gate – Chapter 2

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Infinities Gate – Chapter 1

Tamara Jenkins, Sorcerer Book Two   Infinities Gate   John R Moore Tamara Jenkins, Ph.D. an Archeology Professor had found the greatest treasure in the world inside a cave after completing an archeological expedition to northern Montana. Looking for Native American Artifacts for her Doctoral Thesis, she found a doorway to a surreal and fantastic… Continue reading Infinities Gate – Chapter 1


Progress update, Infinities Gate

Finally got back to the manuscript, about 6000 words into it now, and wow, this story is going to blow your mind when I finish it. Couldn't be happier about this. I wasn't stuck, or had writer's block, had to devote some time to my personal needs and take care of some things, that required… Continue reading Progress update, Infinities Gate


Your Spiritual Space

You see, if the truth that you say is you does not hold up in the time and fabric of space then it is not truth and therefore can not be reality.  If your reality in the physical is not what the truth is of your mental image of reality how can that be true?