When Reading How Do You Read?

ith a genuine book you don't have to worry about battery power and glare on the screen.  Yes you could throw the kindle or a book in your pack, they are both fairly convenient and when it comes to water the kindle could probably be protected now days if dropped in water and the book if not saved in time would be destroyed fairly easy.

The Omega Gambit, day II

They attached tow cables to the remaining four ships and towed them into the main landing bay, it was a huge dock, and they approached the ships with fully armed space marines, ready to destroy the ships if needed. They opened their coms, and demanded the crews surrender and to exit their ships. The crews… Continue reading The Omega Gambit, day II

Pre-order now, book release July 1

Tamara Jenkins, grad student working on her Ph.D., joins a dig site in Montana, looking for Native American artifacts, she finds a door in the back of a cave. she touches the lock and when it clicks the door opens, her life is changed forever. She enters the world of Magic, sorcery, and more, where once she would have thought this a fairy tale, she was now the most powerful sorcerer on the planet

The Guardians of Embrellon – Prologue

Good afternoon, evening, and morning. Thank you for visiting my page today. Starting today, I will be bringing you sections of the first book I got into print, The Guardians of Embrellon. This is a fascinating and exciting story taking place beyond the Orion Constellation and Bellatrix. I hope you enjoy reading the story. Prologue:… Continue reading The Guardians of Embrellon – Prologue

Your Spiritual Space

You see, if the truth that you say is you does not hold up in the time and fabric of space then it is not truth and therefore can not be reality.  If your reality in the physical is not what the truth is of your mental image of reality how can that be true?

The Omega Gambit VIII

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed the short story I have shared with you on my blog for the past week, today, I am working on my new manuscript Infinities Gate. I hope that it will be a great read and you continue to follow the adventures of Tamara Jenkins and her friends as they… Continue reading The Omega Gambit VIII